There are a bunch of reasons I’m looking forward to attending the 2015 SENG Conference later this week. Here are four of the biggies!

1. I’ve never been to one! If I didn’t know it were true, I’m not sure I’d believe it. After all my years living with, advocating on behalf of, and spreading the word about the gifted, I’ve never been to a SENG Conference. Well that changes in a few days! 

2. Smart girls, diverse populations, and the search for meaning—just three of the varied and oh-so-interesting presentation topics. Sure, I’ve read the books, met the researchers (virtually, anyway), and internalized my own interpretations of their work, but there’s nothing like a face-to-face conversation or the connection forged during the course of a presentation. I feel so fortunate to be part of a welcoming community of gifted passionistas willing to take part in information exchanges. 

3. I’m going to Denver—like coming home to a place I’ve never been before (enough with the song references already). For reasons I won’t get into, I need a change of scenery and Colorado has plenty of that. And the people. I’m so looking forward to meeting the three-dimensional versions of folks that live on my computer screen—the parents, the children, the educators, the bloggers, the advocates, and all those who welcome SGL into their homes and hearts every day!

4. It’s the perfect way to wrap up National Parenting Gifted Children Week!

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. If you’re headed to the SENG Conference this week, what has you most amped? 


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