Intelligence, creativity, twice exceptionality, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and overexcitabilities—we’ll delve into it all and much, much more.

Just as we have for years on the SGL Facebook page, we’ll go beyond the numbers, the labels, and the preconceived notions of what giftedness is and elaborate on the unique characteristics and experiences of the gifted themselves.

And well take our curiosity on the road, exploring the lives of gifted children and adults and the options available to this unique population. Our journey will be a shared experience, and your involvement will not only be welcomed but encouraged.

The SGL website includes lists of resources, book recommendations, and book reviews; images; definitions and anecdotes; the SGL blog; and new features to be regularly added. As we grow throughout our exploration, so will the website. 

In addition to launching the SGL website, I’m also excited to announce that SGL is now an initiative of Knowledge Enrichment Enterprise, which means additional opportunities to reach out to more of you in person, by increasing visits with parent and educator groups, attending and presenting at conferences, and creating avenues via which SGL can spread its philosophy of support and community.  

If you have a question, a story, or an information request to share, please contact us.